Cause I know half you won't... tl;dr realism mod. Thoughts?

I've seen DarthNox's mod and I've seen Chef Anon's rebalance of it. The one thing I noticed is that while they expand the tech tree they don't really seem to change the way the game plays much. Obviously a lot of this is because the 'mods' are just edits of the textures and predesignated attributes. There's only so much you can do with that. What I thought would be fun is a mod for a semi-realistic itemset. Hopefully as we get more features it could be improved, but here's the basic ideas:

Do away with all the 'rocks' and 'ores'.

Make all naturally occurring blocks named and textured realistically. eg: Aqueous chunk, Carbonaceous chunk, Silica chunk

All chunk reduces into several items-worth of dust, rubble, or other sub-material in the extractor. (Because a single recipe can't produce two types of items.) eg: iron slag, silica granuals, ice crystals, clay dust.

Sub-materials can then be turned into one of (possibly) several useful materials in the smelter. eg: water, glass, iron ingot, ceramics

Useful materials are then further extrapolated (eg: electrolizing water into hydrogen) or constructed into useful blocks. So the lifecycle looks something like... heavy metal ore -> 2 iron slag -> 2 ceramics or 1 iron -> Light Steel Plating (using carbon)

I'd also like to make the textures almost indistinguishable (for the most part) to make simply destroying large parts of the asteroid a less useful prospect.

The idea here (in general) would be to reduce extraneous resources. Thoughts on the ideas I posted here as well as new ideas to go with this theme are appreciated.

umdshaman 07:39, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

First time to use wikia- forgive any format errors.

Great idea, don't suppose you've made it?

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