DarthNox's Itemset is available for download here. DarthNoxItemset adds many recipes to the game, it's highly suggested you download it. You can find the recipes that are in the game's default itemset at Recipe List

Mineral Extractor recipesEdit

Shatter Redium (Redium Shards)Edit

1 Redium Ore

Grind Thulium Shards (Thulium Dust)Edit

2 Thulium Shards

Grind Redium Shards (Redium Dust)Edit

2 Redium Shards

Smelter RecipesEdit

Uranium ingotEdit

3 Uranium Ore

Redium EssenceEdit

2 Redium Dust
1 Water

Crafting table recipesEdit

Standard Anti-Matter Power BlockEdit

2 Powerful Nuclear Power Block
16 Redium Shards
10 Titanium Ingots

Mass: 60
Health: 80
Size: 3x3x3
Power: 1200

Misc BlocksEdit

Thulium Covered Light Iron Block (x3)Edit

3 Light Iron Blocks
1 Thulium Dust

Mass: 2
Health: 64

Thulium Covered Medium Iron Block (x3)Edit

3 Light Iron Blocks
1 Thulium Dust

Mass: 3
Health: 96

Small window block (x6)Edit

1 Iron chassis
6 Cobalt lenses

Big window block (x1)Edit

4 Small window block

Mass: 4 
Health: 40


Small ion thrusterEdit

1 Standard Hydrogen Thruster
12 Uranium ingot
8 Redium Shards

Mass: 40
Health: 40
Size: 1x7x1 (Collidable 1x3x1)
Power: -40
Force: 600

Powerful ion thrusterEdit

2 Standard Ion Thrusters
12 Uranium ingot
8 Redium Shards

Mass: 40
Health: 40
Size: 3x7x3 (collidable 3x3x3)
Power: -100
Force: 3600


Triple Iron DrillEdit

 3 Powerful Iron Drill
15 Titanium Ingot

Thulium DrillEdit

1 Tripple Iron Drill
5 Thulium shards

Enhanced Thulium DrillEdit

 1 Thulium Drill
30 Titanium
15 Thulium shards

Ponium DrillEdit

 1 Enhanced Thulium Drill
30 Titanium
20 Ponium

Redium Powered DrillEdit

 4 Redium Lens
12 Redium Shards
10 Ponium


Heavy Plasma LauncherEdit

   1 Anti-Personnel Cannon
  20 Ponium ingot


Large console blockEdit

3 Standard Console Blocks
10 Titanium


Redium LensEdit

4 Redium Shards


Ponium Power SourceEdit

Increases power recharge by 12

16 Ponium ingot


Healing PotionEdit

1 Redium Essence
2 Water

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